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Sales automation

Fully integrated marketing and sales automation allow you to automate your sales process like never before. Assist your sales reps with automated actions (and deal adjustments) based on your contact’s emails, actions, time within deals/stages, site browsing history and more.

Examples of how people automate their sales:

  • Automatically qualify new leads before manualy reviewing
  • Move the deal to another stage based on site/page visits
  • Send a follow up email after being idle for 15 days
  • Alert sales reps of urgent deals based on contact behavior
  • Auto-close deals based on lack of replies

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Marketing automation done right

You won’t find clunky outdated features nor have to pay outrageous fees. It’s free.



Send automated emails based on a subscription date or any contact’s data (such as his or her Birthday). Choose any amount of time (hours or days) to wait until sending these emails.


Track Behaviors & Interests

We help connect your email campaigns, social marketing, and web site traffic. Understand how your contacts use all of these mediums and use the data for personalized campaigns.


Automated Series

Setup a series of events that should take place. Create your own automated sales force or create series of actions for customer retention. Powerful logic for creating a powerful flow of actions.

Anyone can create beautiful campaigns. No coding needed.

Our drag & drop email designer enables anyone to create highly dynamic and emails. Add images, add your content, make edits and more.

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“The email designer interface is easy to use. And the wide array of templates help me start new campaigns quickly.”

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“We increased our optin rates by 12% and dollars by over 30% by testing and refining our sales funnel with followup.”

Todd Rucker

“We found out we no longer needed our CRM system since everything was combined with Followup which made things so much more easier!”

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